So, how did this all begin?

In an effort to bring the miraculous Resurrection story of Jesus Christ to the community, Pastor Myron Holmes, Minister Aurthur Johnson and Sister Marie Wilson of New Jerusalem Missionary Baptist Church, thought it would be a great idea to create a theatrical portrayal of his death and resurrection.

This would be a FREE event so that the Greenville and surrounding Mississippi Delta communities could enjoy this experience. We didn’t realize the the reach and impact it would have on the entire community, city and state.

We were extremely blessed to have people from all different ethnic and racial backgrounds to come sit, relax and enjoy this production. At least 1-2 thousand people came, whether riding through or sitting to watch.

With the help of community volunteers, we were able to display a production that spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the masses! Ironically, in the sky, there was a rainbow and cross. What more confirmation of GOD’s presence did we need!

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